Family Activities

You dream of a place the entire family always has fun.
This is that place!

Families and family fun are essential ingredients in The Ivanhoe experience.

Whether it’s time spent together as a family or something engaging for the kids to do to do while Mom or Dad are out on the golf course, there are always activities available. And even the biggest golf fans occasionally like to enjoy a little tennis or some time in the pool as well.  One of Ivanhoe Club's greatest provisions is the family friendly atmosphere we deliver to our members.  

Events include:
- Family Movie Nights in the Clubhouse or Poolside
- Fourth of July Extraveganza
- Junior Golf Leagues
- Family Golf Night
- Swimming Lessons
- Kids' Camps
- Kid's Cooking Class
- Bunny Brunch (Easter)
- Monster Mash (Halloween)
- Winter Wonderland (Holidays)

Through our abundant amount of club events, meeting new acquaintances are never ending. Each month, events are planned for the inclusion of our member’s families and careful consideration is given to local school schedules during the calendar planning process.